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What is the Ajna grants program?

The grant program for the Ajna Protocol provides funding for growth and development opportunities proposed by independent contractors and teams. Funding may be provided for an array of software development and growth related proposals. Applications are reviewed and voted on by AJNA tokenholders and professional delegates. Funds are granted programmatically based on the results of on-chain votes.

What is a grant proposal?

A Grant Proposal is submitted to an organization as an explicit request to fund an individual or team to execute on a body of work. Proposals get published, refined, and are then submitted for voting.

What types of grants will Ajna fund?

For specific needs see the Request for Proposal section of the Ajna forum. Generally, the following categories are of interest:
  1. 1.
    Development: This category can include software development projects that aim to maintain, support, improve, or enhance the products or applications built on top of the Ajna Protocol.
  2. 2.
    Community: This category can include projects related to building and engaging communities around the Ajna Protocol, such as marketing, education, and events, that aim to increase awareness and adoption of the protocol.
  3. 3.
    Research: This category can include projects focused on research and development related to the Ajna Protocol, such as behavior and use case analysis, new product research, performance analysis, and others that aim to identify or enhance the protocol's capabilities.
  4. 4.
    Integration: This category can include projects related to integrating the Ajna Protocol with other technologies or platforms that aim to increase the protocol's reach and utility.
  5. 5.
    Other: This category can be used to capture any projects that do not fit neatly into the other categories but still align with the key goal of the program which is to increase Ajna's likelihood of success.

Where can I view grant proposals?

How are grants selected?

When assessing applications, the criteria below should be considered to guide decision making; Relevance All funded projects should be applicable to Ajna.
Benefit The goal of this program is to increase the protocol's probability for success.
  • Does this project benefit Ajna and its users?
  • Will there be a real positive impact?
Feasibility Ideas and discussions are great, but only realistic projects with tangible results should be funded.
  • Can the project really be accomplished? ‍
  • Are the objectives and success case realistic?
Execution Applicants should provide a clear execution plan for completing the project and reaching the goals.
  • Is there a clear plan?
  • Will grantees report progress?
Qualification Applicants should provide background or credentials to prove their capabilities.
  • Is the individual or team qualified to complete the project?
Cost There is a sweet spot to attract high quality contributors with competitive funding without overspending.
  • Is the funding amount within reasonable means?
  • Does it align with industry standards?

How do I submit a proposal?

To submit a proposals post the details on https://forum.ajna.finance/c/grant-proposals and submit the actual grant request on https://app.ajna.finance/grants during the screening stage of a grant cycle.

How do I vote on a proposal?

To vote on proposals visit https://app.ajna.finance/grants, delegate to an address you own, then vote. Another option is to delegate your votes to an address that will participate on your behalf.

How much AJNA is granted every cycle?

3% of the treasury is the maximum AJNA granted per cycle. The treasury began with about 23% of the total token supply, a total of 236,298,042.52 AJNA.

How many grants can be funded per cycle?

A maximum of 10 grants can be funded every cycle.

Can less than 10 proposals be selected?


Can a grantee return AJNA tokens to the protocol?

Yes, they can send back tokens directly to the treasury by calling fundTreasury() in a transaction to the contract address, 0x... BEWARE tokens cannot be sent to the contract address with a standard transferFrom() call.

My proposal was approved, how do I claim the grant?

Grants can be claimed here, or by doing a manual transaction calling fundTreasury() on the treasury contract
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